New Orleans-based artist Eddy Benz is the class clown of SoundCloud and has kept us on our toes these past few weeks with a whirlwind of hilarious tweets and subtle teases for his self titled debut. As promised, earlier this week the internet was blessed with his first project ever, the EDDY BENZ EP. The creative new album is a fine bridge of Benz’s unique, harmonic vocal cadences combined with brash yet impassioned lyricism and topped off with some of the most innovative production to date brought forth by fellow New Orleans’ creatives Lukrative, Dumpydoctor, DJ Bean as well as renowned producers Ginseng, DeliverTheCrush, Distance Decay, Callari, Harrison, and Maxvon. The Eddy Benz EP is an essential piece within the new wave of young, up and comers on the SoundCloud scene. Support Eddy Benz and stream the new project below.


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