Multi-talented vocalist, producer, and graphic artist sophie meiers released her mesmerizing new EP titled chrysalis earlier this afternoon and to say we are impressed would be an understatement. The three-track tape is full of dreamy synths, gentle drums, and beautiful instrumentation that’s all layered with smooth, charming vocals that evoke the tenderness of meiers’ astonishing artistic capabilities. The project is genreless and emphasizes her unique voice through a beautiful blend of vintage sounds mixed with modernized production brought forth by unexotic, realliveanimals, & nion. Sophie explains in her premiere with Complex that "chrysalis is a project that reflects several very transformative parts of my life. Each song is from a different timeline of my own artistic journey, capturing very personal stages in my own development as a human and a creator. Nostalgia and self-reflective moments of clarity help me unravel myself further." chrysalis brings out the very best of sophie’s special skillset and will be in heavy rotation this month to keep our souls warm as the weather gets colder. Support sophie meiers and stream the new project, soon to be on all platforms, below.


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Max Taylor